Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JP+ Blarty

JP+ Blarty!


Welcome to Heidi's Juice Plus+ Online Blog Party (Blarty)!

This blog post is to make information about Juice Plus+ and its potential impact on your health available to my friends and family, far and near. It's my personal take on Juice Plus+ (JP+) capsules and chewables, but you can find lots more details here. So here we go:

It seems like everyone I know is taking a vitamin supplement or two. It's common knowledge now that doing so can improve your health and strengthen your immunity. But most are the products of cherry-picking individual molecules. They are packed into artificially colored pills with nutritionally useless filler. What I like about JP+ is that it is a whole food based supplement carrying a NUTRITION label, not a supplement label.  It has no fillers, no artificial colors, and contains a more complete set of vitamins than your typical multivitamin (and even fiber!). That's because it is simply lots of fruits and veggies, carefully dehydrated, captured in a capsule.

JP+ also has a lot of actual past and ongoing research to support it. Peer reviewed, published studies. I like that.  You can't pay your way into these medical journals.   JP+ has been linked with several health benefits so far, including improved circulation, inflammatory response, immunity, and more.

Personally, I have noticed a few outstanding results from taking JP+

1) My energy level has increased, especially when it comes to endurance in cardio exercise.  I'm not feeling blah or fatigue like I used to.

2) This one may sound a little weird, but taking JP+ is like an every day reminder to make good choices. In my opinion, that alone is worth a buck or two a day. Because, as I've said before, I need that for my own sake and also to teach my girls to be healthy by example.

3) My normal seasonal allergy and sinus problems have diminished greatly!!!  While my friends have been complaining of their allergy woes, I've realized I'm not experiencing the same issues as I would have before taking JuicePlus+.  No more Singulair, Claritin, Sudafed, Nasonex!  Whoo hoo!!!

Kelsie and Haylie also take JP+, because it comes in a  yummy chewable form. I've seen already that their desires for unhealthy choices in food intake are less, water consumption up, and they are more mindful of their choices.  The other day David was taking them to the movies and Kelsie said, "I don't want popcorn, dad, it's too junky.  Can we eat something healthy for lunch?  Can I bring my own healthier snack?"  WHAT?!!  Kelsie doesn't want POPCORN?!  Wow!!  That's worth the monthly cost right there, folks!  If you have dependant kids who are at least 4 years old, they can get JP+ too, for free, as a part of an ongoing Child Health Study (older kids can do this too, so long as they are undergraduates). If you're interested, it works like this: You (parent) take JP+ Orchard and Garden blends. Enroll your child in the Child Health Study (it's pretty simple and noninvasive). Your child takes the chewables or capsules, depending on age, and once every few weeks you complete a short survey to let JP+ know how their health may have improved.

If you like free stuff, then on top of that, you can take your own survey after 3 months. Once completed, you receive a complementary 2-month supply of capsules, chewables, or drink mix. This is a convenient way to sample something you haven't tried yet.

Need another recommendation? Bear Grylls. He and his whole family take JP+. Check out this almost cheesy interview if you don't believe me.

So what makes this a Blarty? Because I'm inviting you to come and read my Blarty blog and visit the provided links, to ask me questions, and to discuss JP+! If you want to talk with me one-on-one, contact me through my site. We can email, text, call, or if you live near enough we can get together!

Thanks for stopping by!!!